PJ's Pick A Pearl
Welcome to our online shop.
This is our new company which is being run by myself (Paula), my best friend Jo and my eldest daughter Chelsea.
This is a very exciting Jewellery business that we are very passionate about.
We started this business in October 2016 as we are very interested in Pearls and Jewellery. 
  Both Jo and myself are full time mums and between us we have 9 children ranging from 17 to 2 years old. Chelsea being the eldest of them all.
We really enjoy having fun in our live oyster popping parties and we have lots of competitions and games running every Wednesday and Saturday.
We open Oysters which are guaranteed to contain at least one genuine pearl.  These Pearls come in a range of colours white,peach,pink,lilac,gold,blue,black.  These are then put into a beautiful Sterling Silver 925 stamped Cage Pendant or mounted onto a Piece of jewellery from our online shop.
We do live oyster openings on our Facebook Page so you get to choose your oyster and we open it for you so you can see what you get straight away. As long as we have your jewellery in stock we will post it to you within two working days.
To get yourself one of our lovely pieces of jewellery all you need to do is:
Buy a Piece of Jewellery off the site.  We will then contact you within 24hrs to arrange when you would like us to do your live oyster opening.
If the item you ordered isn't in stock we will order it and contact you with full details of when we will have it. This will be no longer than 10days.  
Our Facebook page is :-